We took to task recording 3 songs for various friends in the biz that would help them out and give us a chance to stretch our wings creatively. The first song on the demo is called Before You Die.It was the theme song for the Looks That Kill Calendar, and was featured in the behind the scenes documentary that came as a DVDFat Foot Films ​also shot the video for us to accompany the package.

​We also took a stab at Our friend Dr. Chris's Radio Of Horror and developed a theme song that would put spine tingling chills into his listeners ears. Bassist and Co-writer for the song Mike Slaughtery developed a great hook for this venture and we went into the studio with evil hearts ready to beckon the call of "Hail Doctor!!!" Tune in to his Midnight show on Sunday nights on 91.3 FM WCUW Worcester Community Radio.

Another Theme song that we wrote for the Fat Foot Films crew was for a Webisode series called MUSTACHE BRIGADEThis is still in the works right now but is looking like it will be a hilarious romp through the twisted minds of the people who brought you MOURNING WOOD and HOW I DUMPED MY BOYFRIENDS BODY.