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After years of hard work and dogged tenacity, Hellitosis is finally at the end stages of releasing an Album/Novella/Audiobook project. The album and audiobook were recorded at our very own "Twisted Acres Studio" and is being mixed by "WeirdBeard" McCafferty at Audio Fetish Studio's. The Novella is being edited and will need to be published with a great packaging solution that will enable all three formats (musical album, written word and audiobook) in one spectacular, special-edition tome. At this time though, we are starting to run out of funds and need our friends and supporters to help with the cause. If we can raise $5000.00 to pay for production costs and advertising, we can conquer the world...or at least a small portion of it that likes our very eclectic flavor of songs and stories. 250 people giving $20 sets us free!!! We will be adding more to this campaign (goodies and products) so stay tuned.

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